Who we are

When you think of Pratìc imagine a tailor-made item with a very special purpose, personalized to represent you and your uniqueness. Bespoke all the way!

We are a Rome based creative studio with a particular love for all things hand-crafted, with paper our material of choice. Pratic is synonymous with paper. We love its transformational, earthy qualities and its warmth. We love the various textures, infinite range of colors and patterns, and its form and feel.

Sharing with you our passion for high quality paper creations is our mission. Whether it is a pop-up invitation, special packaging, set design for your product or a unique installation, we put you in touch with paper designs which represent you through a beautiful blend of art and design.

Our Philosophy

In an age of mass production, it is easy to forget the joy and beauty of handmade objects. We get a feel for our creations by touching, marking and folding. While we are aided by some of the latest technology, we strongly believe in creating with passion while employing traditional techniques. Our love for timeless paper craftsmanship marks the starting point and is the basis of every project created by Pratìc.

Founder Bio & background

Lamis, the lead designer behind Pratìc, was born in Aden, Yemen and studied art, design and fashion in London before moving to Rome to pursue a degree in Industrial Design at IED followed by a specialization in Graphic Design. Having worked in design and publishing, her energetic imagination and relentless precision to detail directed her towards paper design where, in 2013, she created Pratic. A well rounded background in various design disciplines coupled with a rich cultural tapestry of experiences around the world give a unique perspective to her work.